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Step 1: Create Surveys

Intantly create professional online surveys with our easy to use and powerful survey editor.

With Primo Survey you can design stylish and complex online surveys from scratch or by customizing existing templates from our integrated templates library.

You can easily change your survey look and feel with predefined or custom style and you can use a complete set of question types.

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Step 2: Collect Responses

Distribute your surveys using web links, emails, social media and more to collect responses in real time.

We also offer you an integrated mailing system that will help you send email invitations to your respondents, track their responses and send reminder notices.

The surveys you create with our software are optimized to look great both on desktop and on mobile devices or tablets.

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Step 3: Analyze Results

View survey or poll results as they are collected in real-time using our professional reporting system.

You can view a summary of the responses or you can zoom in and analyze a specific answer or you can export your data if you want to analyze the results with other tools like Excel or SPSS.

You can easily export your data in Excel or PDF reports in a printer friendly format.

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Your Survey Data is Safe

We take the data security and integrity very seriously. We guarantee your data is always safe with us.

Primo Survey software is hosted in a secure location and our software infrastructure is regularly updated with the latest security patches and permanently tested.

The site is constantly monitored to ensure it is up and running 100% of the time such you can always rely on it when you need it.

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Primo Survey Software

Fully Featured Free Survey and Poll Software ! With Primo Survey free is really free !

You can create unlimited surveys with unlimited questions of various types: single and multiple choice horizontal and vertical, matrix single and multiple choice, free form response, side by side matrix and many others.

You can view the summary report online, you can view the details for each respondent online, you can export data to raw data files, Excel or PDF, you can view IP Address from which each respondent takes the survey to prevent fraud.

Customizable look and feel. Set survey and page titles and descriptions. Customize survey with your own logo. Customize text for survey navigation buttons. Display or hide page and question numbers.

Create online polls with single choice questions or multiple choice questions, automatically close poll at a certain date, choose from existing poll themes or create your own, add images or YouTube videos in your polls, view poll results online or export them into xml or csv files, track the IP addresses of your voters to prevent fraud, customize poll language.